How to make your Wordpress blog known? All bloggers ask themselves this question one day… and perhaps even more so at a time when traffic is not taking off, when we would like to be read just a little more, to maintain the motivation necessary for this demanding exercise that is blogging!

In this article, I will give you many ways to spread your blog around you and “advertise”: many of these methods are free, some require you to invest a little money. This way, everyone will benefit, whether you run an amateur blog for fun or you want to promote a professional blog.

Keep in mind that making your blog known involves two dimensions: attracting Internet users to your site… and, in a second step, retaining them so that they come back and that they also contribute to making people talk about you.

Broadcast your blog and learn to put it in perspective!

First of all, keep your spirits up. I know how few visitors can be demotivating because I myself experienced the “crossing the desert” from the beginning when I started my blog (I told this episode in this article about the launch of the blog).

We ask ourselves a lot of questions, we question ourselves a lot (“maybe I’m not interesting, maybe I don’t deserve my place in the blogosphere?”).

Make your wordpress blog know!

Young blog and low traffic

It takes time to promote your WordPress blog, so it’s normal to have very little traffic in the first few months. This will not prevent your first readers from appreciating you because always remember that they know nothing about your concerns and inner questions.

They do not choose their readings according to your statistics (which they do not see) but come because you offer them interesting content that speaks to them.

Keep in mind the importance of this patience and during this difficult phase, do not isolate yourself! Join groups dedicated to blogging, on Facebook for example, to gather opinions, to get to know other bloggers and try to make first contacts. It will be a source of motivation and enrichment.

Older blog and traffic that doesn’t take off

Many bloggers keep, in a corner of their heads, the desire for their traffic to “take off”… as they sometimes read in testimonies from marketing gurus;) Seeing that we are stagnating, despite several months or even years of blogging, can be frustrating.

That’s why I want to share with you many ways to share his blog… because maybe you haven’t tried everything… or there are topics on which you lack expertise or experience.

But first of all, check that there are no major problems on your blog that could slow your development (don’t hesitate to turn to Facebook groups or forums, like Webrankinfo and its forum Avis on your sites, to have more “objective” opinions than those of your regular customers!

  • Do your visitors encounter technical difficulties?
  • Is there a graphic problem (font difficult to read, not enough contrast, etc.)?
  • Is there a content or targeting problem (too many spelling mistakes, not enough text, subject too targeted to develop traffic as you envision, content that “goes off in all directions” to the point of being confusing, etc)?
  • Is the loading time too long?

If you don’t identify any problems… let’s move on to ideas to develop your blog and gain visibility!

1. Make your blog known by taking care of its content

You probably see it around you, there are many blogs and many excellent blogs today. This does not mean that you have no chance of success: everyone has their own personality, writing style, design, universe… and there are necessarily readers who will like you.

On the other hand, with the multiplication of blogs, the reader has become more demanding

All too often, I still encounter sites that lack content: too few articles, a very low frequency of publication, articles that expire very quickly and therefore quickly lose their interest…

So already apply some principles:

  • Learn how to structure your articles properly: introduction, short paragraphs of content and subtitles (helping search engines understand that these subtitles are important through tagging), a good conclusion.
  • Take care of spelling and if that’s not your strong suit, use a spell checker to make your articles easier to read.
  • Write a title and a meta description for your articles: I explain everything about these important elements in SEO, which are displayed in search engines. They can make the difference between an Internet user who clicks on your site and an Internet user who goes to the neighbor!

Also keep in mind that it is better to have a long quality article twice a month than 5 sloppy articles in a week!

And beyond these very concrete elements, do not neglect emotion:

  • Be useful to your readers: share advice, information, good tips, tricks, be generous because you can feel it and we can (much) appreciate you for it!
  • Put a little (or a lot) of yourself in your content: even on very arid subjects, you can put a pinch of experience, testimonies, passion… and these emotions not only promote attachment to your blog but also make your content unique, because no one can tell the story exactly like you!

2. Produce cold content (“evergreen content”)

It’s closely linked to SEO: the type of article you publish has a direct impact on the visibility of your blog.

Take for example a news article, an article on a trend, a specific event: in your opinion, in 6 months, will this subject still interest Internet users? The answer is simple: very little!

On a blog, what makes you gain traffic in the long term is not these “hot contents”, which go out of fashion very quickly… but “cold contents”, which are also called “evergreen contents”, which deal with more timeless subjects.

For this reason, news sites often offer a mix of news articles and “in-depth” articles, such as guides, decryptions, biographies, etc.

For example, the newspaper “Le Monde” published an article here explaining how a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse work. The context was a current event… but the substance of the article will continue to answer questions that Internet users will still ask themselves in 2 years, 3 years and more.

The lesson to learn to make your blog known is that each type of article has its usefulness: hot articles often provoke reactions, comments and sharing; cold content sometimes provokes fewer reactions at first glance but can attract a lot of traffic later on.

If you want to know more, I have devoted a whole article to cold content.

3. Make your blog known through Paid Search

Here’s another way to advertise your blog: launch a campaign on Google AdWords or Bing Ads. This type of “paid search” campaign can meet different objectives: develop brand awareness, generate traffic on a specific page of your site, etc.

Your ad will be displayed either on the search engine itself or on sites in the partner network (for example, for Google, ads will appear on sites that use the Google AdSense program).

The cost varies according to a host of parameters: theme, competition, campaign targeting… This is clearly not a solution within the reach of an amateur blogger but if you offer a paid service on your blog, it can be an effective way to attract highly targeted traffic to your sales page.

Again, professionals like Instaon will guide you through the creation of a Google AdWords campaign.